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Download the zip file from the releases tab and unzip it to your folder. Double-click on the setup.exe file! If there are no errors then you are now up and running.

Entering new rows

To enter in new rows of book information just start typing into the bottom row or click the plus. The title must be unique for each new entry. There can be no blank values so that means each entry must have a value in it.

Deleting rows

To delete a row of information click on the left hand side of the row you want to delete. The whole row should be highligheted, you can then press the delete button. You can also click on the little red 'X'.

Editing Rows

To edit rows just click on the cell you want to change and change it.


Type some text into the box at the top of the form, the table will automatically update based on matching the search text with the keyword text.


To sort the data just click on the colum names.

To share database information

If you want to share your database information with another person you can give them a copy of your .sdf file. There is no way to merge one .sdf file with another .sdf file at the present time. If you overwrite one .sdf file with another .sdf file all the data that was in the original .sdf file will be lost. If you are using the XML importing/exporting version it is a simple matter to share database information you just export your database as XML and send it another person for them to import into their repository.

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